Mobile steam plant used for dewaxing ground and underground oil field equipment, oil wells with high pressure steam. Also, these units are used for heating oil tanks, cleaning low-pressure steam and to perform many other activities.

Mobile Steam installation PPUA used in cold and temperate climate in the oil and gas fields of any type. Depending on the tasks that lie ahead PPUA, you can choose different models of mobile steam plants, which are based on transmissions of various vehicles.

We offer modern and reliable mobile commercial steam units on the basis of KAMAZ. For low-pressure steam (0.8 MPa) in cold and temperate climates (from -45 to +40 degrees), use steam field installation PPUA 500 / 0.6 on the chassis MAZ-543403. This unit produces 500 kg of steam per hour at a temperature of not more than 175 degrees Celsius.


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