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Transportation of oversized cargo - a specific and quite popular service, which is due to non-standard sizes and heavy loads is made mainly on motorways and railway lines with low-frame platforms, allowing quickly load and unload equipment and to ensure reliable fastening. However, oversized cargo and can also be delivered by sea, and air transport. For non-standard or oversized cargo you can, for example, include the large capacity turbines, steam boilers, complex metal structures, plant equipment, construction and road building machinery, tower cranes, etc., which have a specific shape, size and weight and require when loading and transportation of the individual calculations.


Features of transportation of oversized cargo

Oversized cargo - a bulky object which because of their size, weight, or specific features can not be transported in a closed vehicle, that is standard types of transport.

There are minimum and maximum limits set by taking into account the conditions of safety in the transport of various cargoes on each type of transport. In this case, the term "load" is used with reference to the corresponding vehicle, that is, the size and weight of the load must be determined by the parameters of "load + vehicle" or the term "cargo to transport."

Transportation of oversized cargo is always accompanied by a plurality of registration documents and permissions from the following authorized organizations of the country. In each case it is necessary to competently develop the route of movement of cargo, to ensure its safety, to organize its maintenance, as well as pro-style loading - unloading operations. In addition, taken into account the time of day, time of year, weather and climatic conditions, and other factors that may affect safety during transport. Therefore, any transportation of oversized cargo is in fact unique, so the freight rates are calculated individually for each load.