Перевозка нефти и нефтепродуктов



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Trucking by our company - is:


  • Having our own fleet for the transportation of petroleum products of any size.
  • The professional staff with experience and reliable driving part.
  • Having all the necessary licenses, permits and tolerances.
  • Freight transportation in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries.
  • Customs transit - transit cargo under customs control.
  • Delivery of cargo with full guarantees of safety.
  • Quality forwarding.
  • Insurance of liability of the carrier
  • Optimal timing of delivery


Trucking - the most simple, fast, and relatively cost-effective delivery method that requires no special infrastructure for its functioning. Motor transportation of oil and petroleum products provide minimal financial losses from downtime and forced intermediate transshipment of goods, as well as provide better safety of the cargo.

Transportation of petroleum products by road - the key to ensuring a successful business for the companies, whose activities are directly related to the delivery of fuel and lubricants. Therefore, safe transportation of oil products - a problem associated with the solution of the financial and environmental problems.

Features traffic

Oil and oil products made in special tanks, which are made of polymeric materials and in contact with the chemicals do not react, this is achieved thanks to the safety of cargo on the rules of safety. oil products Delivery of car transport is one of the fastest ways to cargo transport.

In the face of our company you can have a reliable business partner as a team "AlAkta Energy" formed by professionals in the transportation industry and consists of specialists with many years of experience in organizing transportation.

Car for transportation of oil and petroleum products


Mercedes Benz

Oil tanker semitrailer 30 m3
1 unit


Oil tanker semitrailer 30 m3
1 unit


Oil tanker semitrailer 30 m3
1 unit


Oil tanker semitrailer 30 m3
2 unit


Oil tankers trailer 30m3
2 unit