Транспортно-логистическая компания АлАкта Энержи


About Alakta Energy

LLC "AlAkta Energie" is a transport and logistics company in the Mangistau region. The head office is located in Aktau. Throughout this time, the company provides transportation and logistics services to companies subsoil users, oilfield service companies in the Mangistau region.

Awesome experience

For 6 years of work in the field of logistics, we have vast experience in the organization of oil transportation, drinking water, heavy and oversized cargo, passenger, and various logistics services.

We formed a reliable partnership, which provide the company an excellent reputation. We are able to organize and manage the most complex transportation on a professional level.


Every year, the company is growing and increasing its turnover. The total number of employees at this moment is more than 50 people. In an effort to preserve the corporate culture, the company provides all employees specialized training.

Due to the disposal of such assets, the company pays special attention to safety regulations, which only contributes to the quality of services provided.

Thanks to the constant work on the methods of organization of cargo transportation, the company manages to keep the cost of its services at a reasonable level, with the excellent quality of its services have already evaluated many customers.

Except the way of their own trial and error, we do our work so that our customers are thinking only of their own.

Dalmuhanov Talgat Kozibayevich
Director of the "Alakta Energy" LLP

Our achievements in cargo transportation for the entire period of work

m3 of oil and petroleum products 
m3 of water 
Years of reliable operation